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Sneak Peek Katie & Matt’s Snowy NYC Engagement

This adorable duo braved a beautiful yet chilly winter afternoon with me for their snowy NYC engagement session. This isView full post »

Tracy & Dana’s Central Park Engagement

I spent a beautiful morning photographing Tracy and Dana’s Central Park engagement session but first we gotView full post »

Sarah & Ken’s Liberty State Park Engagement

What do you get when you have an hilarious couple in love, a beautiful park, comic books and New Jersey Devils jerseys?View full post »

Rob & Annie Brooklyn Engagement

Rob and Annie have many things in common, and on top of their list is a love for puzzles, Budweiser beer and a bearView full post »

David & Olia’s Coney Island Engagement Shoot

I’m so excited to announce that my little brother David is engaged! The best part is I got to spend the day withView full post »

Markus & Lori’s Central Park Engagement Shoot

I met the lovely Lori and Markus for their Central Park engagement shoot on a gorgeous Sunday evening. Because it wasView full post »

Chris & Lisa’s New Jersey Engagement Session In Liberty Park

Before it got so cold I had a lovely engagement session with Lisa and Chris. We started our afternoon at their fabulousView full post »

Saturday Night Live Is Taking My Location Ideas!

I did a double take while watching a recent episode of Saturday Night Live,  check out Justin Timberlake and AdamView full post »